About the New Jersey Byway Program

The National Scenic Byway Program was created in 1991 under a grassroots initiative overseen by the Federal Highway Administration to promote America’s most memorable roads. Created under that initiative, the New Jersey Scenic Byways Program is managed by the New Jersey Department of Transportation. Today, the program is made up of eight scenic byways: Bayshore Heritage, Delaware River, Millstone Valley, Palisades, Pine Barrens, Upper Freehold Historic Farmland, Warren Heritage and Western Highlands.

The byway program supports community groups and volunteers working to maintain New Jersey’s natural landscapes, distinctive history and diverse neighborhoods while balancing the area’s development, conservation, tourism and economic vitality.To be designated as a scenic byway, the corridor must have scenic, natural, recreational, cultural, historic or archaeological intrinsic qualities that help share the area’s authentic story. Each byway is a collection of destinations woven together to define the unique narrative created by the points of interest along the route.

The byways represent the heart of New Jersey—the result of a collective effort across local communities working to protect and celebrate New Jersey’s heritage. When you walk the trails, picnic in the parks, watch migratory events and swim in the lakes along the byways, you’re partaking in the history, the culture and the very soul of New Jersey.

In addition to being in the New Jersey Scenic Byway Program, the Delaware River Scenic Byway and Millstone Valley Scenic Byway have also earned national distinction as America’s Byways, meaning that they have been recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation, through the National Scenic Byways Program, as some of the most significant routes in the country based on their intrinsic qualities.