A New Jersey Discovery

When you travel on any of New Jersey’s eight scenic byways you’re on a journey through copious history, adventurous recreation and unique natural experiences.

With plenty of family friendly fun and points of interest to explore surrounded by beautiful landscapes, you’ll say: “I never realized New Jersey had so much to do!”

As you traverse the byways, visit museums, shops and historic villages; enjoy local dining and lodging; and take in the scenic surroundings. Create your own byway experience.

Visit the New Jersey Department of Transportation website to learn more about the unique, intrinsic qualities of each byway.

Bayshore Heritage route highlighted
Bayshore Heritage route


Bayshore Heritage

Delaware River route highlighted
Delaware River route


Delaware River

Palisades route highlighted
Palisades route



Pine Barrens route highlighted
Pine Barrens route


Pine Barrens

Upper Freehold route highlighted
Upper Freehold route


Upper Freehold

Warren Heritage route highlighted
Warren Heritage route


Warren Heritage

Western Highlands route highlighted
Western Highlands route


Western Highlands